For the information of all Decorum NI members, particularly those new members who may not be aware that a Gift Aid scheme exists!

Due to the withdrawal of services from our original scheme provider we now use.


To make a donation to Decorum NI or to donate to a sponsored event, simply click the MAKE A DONATION BUTTON ABOVE.

This link will take you, the donor, to the relevant page where you enter a search for Decorum NI.  Then follow the simple process to make a donation.  This donation may be a one off, or if you choose to do so, why not make it a regular monthly donation?

You, the donor, decide the amount to donate and the date on which it’s made.  Should your personal circumstances change the donation may be cancelled by you at any time.

It is in effect similar to a Direct Debit with a bank, except that the donor is in full control without the inconvenience of having to call into the bank.

If the donor is a UK Tax payer then the charity will potentially receive an additional 20% of the donation as gift aid.

For example, for every £20 donated, Decorum NI will receive an extra £5 in gift aid. This is providing a small fee of 90 pence, levied by Virgin, is paid by the donor.


However, if the donor chooses not to pay the small fee, Decorum NI will receive £24.10 for every £20 donated, after the levy of 90 pence has been deducted.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if the donor is not a UK Tax payer they can still donate to the charity, it simply means that the charity cannot claim the Gift Aid on the donation!

Below is an example of the fees levied by Virgin which the charity may forfeit from the amount donated!  However this can be mitigated by the donor if they opt to pay the small fee, therefore ensuring the full amount donated in addition to Gift Aid goes directly to the charity.

If you have any questions or require help, please contact Decorum NI in the first instance and your contact details will be passed to the Gift Aid member for assistance.

Below is an example of the running costs we need to cover

Drop in Centre per week – £340

Weekly Therapy Classes –

Writing, Flower Arranging, Fishing, Craft, Crochet, Genealogy, Painting, per week – £50

Monthly Outreach Clinic for isolated Members – £120

Monthly Social Isolation Support Group – £60

Bi-annual Mail Drop to Socially isolated – £210

Talking Therapy Session – £35

You can also support the work of Decorum NI by:
➢ Organise a fundraising event (you could use our premises)
➢ Leaving a legacy
➢ Money in lieu of, for example – Birthdays, Flowers, Christmas Cards
➢ Leaving a donation on the Home Page with My Donate which you also may Gift Aid

We will:
➢ Advertise you/your Company or Group on our ‘Fundraisers’ webpage for the year
➢ Invite you/your Company or Group for a free guided tour of our exhibition.
➢ Invite you or a representative from your Company or Group to our Annual Awards Evening.
➢ Invite you to participate in a Press Photograph where appropriate