Decorum NI is a Charity supporting former members of the security forces – Police, Prison Service, Armed Forces – and their families, who served during the Troubles in Northern Ireland and because of their service may have psychological and/or physical injuries which unfortunately escalate as they get older. Many are on personal journeys of reconciliation but, because of being conditioned and institutionalised for many years, find difficulty in trusting and communicating with unknown people. There are also security and safety issues which can lead to social isolation. Whilst acknowledging the sacrifice made by Service members and their families, Decorum NI provides a safe and secure environment where all members are likeminded people who can also avail of support, help and advice as appropriate to individual needs. Through Decorum NI members also have the opportunity to integrate with the wider community including youth groups and see themselves as being a part of the community as opposed to being apart from the community. Through their Living History exhibition, Decorum NI encourages discussion and interaction between members and other like-minded groups who can visit the exhibition by prior arrangement. Decorum NI particularly welcomes young people who wish to learn more about the Troubles through organised visits and educational sessions as members are very keen in Remembering the Past and Building the Future to ensure that the experiences of almost 40 years of the Troubles are never repeated.

If you feel you would like to support the work of Decorum NI in helping to build a better future for all, here are some ways in which you can help by sponsoring one or more of the following:

Drop in Centre for 1 x week £340

Bi-annual Mail Drop to Socially isolated £210

Monthly Outreach Clinic for isolated Members £120

Monthly Social Isolation Support Group £60

Weekly Therapy Classes including Writing, Flower Arranging, Fishing, Craft, Crochet, Genealogy, Painting are all £50 (per class per week)

Talking Therapy Session £35

You can also support the work of Decorum NI by:

Organise a fundraising event (you could use our premises)

  • Leaving a legacy
  • Money in lieu of Flowers for a funeral.
  • Money in lieu of, for example – Birthdays, Flowers, Christmas Cards
  • Leaving a donation on the Home Page with My Donate which you also may Gift Aid

We will:

  • Advertise you/your Company or Group on our ‘Fundraisers’ webpage for the year

  • Invite you/your Company or Group for a free guided tour of our exhibition.

  • Invite you or a representative from your Company or Group to our Annual Awards Evening

  • Invite you to participate in a Press Photograph where appropriate