At the Committee Meeting of Decorum NI this evening, the main item of business to be discussed was how Decorum NI should respond to the unprecedented spread of the highly contagious Coronavirus in order to support Members whilst keeping them as safe as is possible and within the Guidelines of the British Government and Public Health Authority (latest attached).  As guidelines change almost on a daily basis, the most recent advice by the Prime Minister this evening was taken into account. This included:

That Non Essential Contact or travel should be avoided


Anyone showing a High Temperature and/or New Continuous Cough should self-isolate the whole household for 14 days


‘In a few days’ time, those with the most serious health conditions are largely shielded from social contact for around 12 weeks’

To this end the following is to be put into effect WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT for a period of 12 weeks – 8th June 2020:


  • ALL events and activities are suspended – inside or outside of Decorum NI – which are connected to Decorum NI.



Ø The Committee would like to assure you that, although activities and drop-in centre cease, support is still available and you should phone if you have any issues you would normally discuss with the Senior Staff Officer or Health & Wellbeing Caseworker who will still be available.

Ø Updates will be published regularly as required on Decorum NI facebook page and the website or you may phone at any time.

Ø All measures are being monitored daily and advice will be given in line with Government and the Public Health Authority Guidelines

Ø The Committee will implement any measures that it deems necessary in order to support members in the coming days and weeks the details of which will be promulgated as and when they are decided upon.

Ø Any questions or concerns, please contact us on – 02891457565 or by emailing or




Stay Safe and Stay Strong


We can get through this Together