UDR/R.Irish (HS) Aftercare Service

Hub of the UDR and R IRISH (HS) Aftercare Service, this website provides information about our welfare support services to veterans, their families and other stakeholders in the veterans’ community.  Those eligible for direct support are all former Full Time and Part Time UDR and R IRISH (HS) soldiers and their dependants.  A pilot scheme also exists to assist other veterans recently discharged from the Army as Wounded, Ill or Sick and resident in Northern Ireland, however the core client base remains the Regimental family.
Royal British Legion Welfare in N.Ireland

Welfare is at the heart of everything we do. We are one of the UK's largest membership organisations; Over 300,000 members show their support for the work we do. We work with all political parties, campaigning to improve the lives of all Service people - past, present and future. We safeguard the memory of those who have given their lives for our freedom through Remembrance education and events. We organise the annual Poppy Appeal; remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and raising money to help those in need today.
The Wounded Police and Families Association

The Wounded Police and Families Association came into being in 2008  We  offer support, encouragement and empathy to all those who are victims of terrorism and as our motto says  'Healing Through Caring, Recognition and Justice' we are committed to working for those officers and their  families who have been entered into the book of forgotten sacrifices to be given the recognition they deserve. For a significant number of years victims of terrorism have been slowly buried in a forgotten chapter of  history and it was felt that those victims should be recognised as the defenders of the community who made  significant sacrifices for the sake of lasting peace in the Province.
The Pensioners Parliament NI

Age Sector Platform represents a strong unified voice for older people in Northern Ireland. It is the charity responsible for the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament. Age Sector Platform has a membership of individuals and older people’s groups across Northern Ireland, representing approximately 200,000 people. Launched in 2008, the organisation emerged from the Age Sector Reference Group (ASRG) which was in operation for seven years.
Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross/Police Service of Northern Ireland Benevolent Fund

It is accepted, worldwide, that the Royal Ulster Constabulary George Cross, [RUCGC] was the main stabilizing force that provided the conditions for the “Belfast Peace Agreement”. Sadly over the years in providing that crucial stability, many police families lost their loved ones and members of the RUCGC suffered serious injury. Indeed, current members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have paid the ultimate price and others continue to endure serious injury and threats. The RUCGC-PSNI Benevolent Fund supports serving PSNI officers, retired RUCGC & PSNI officers, disabled and injured officers both serving and ex members, widows, dependants and parents of deceased officers. In all instances a case of need must be identified.
The Not Forgotten Association

The Not Forgotten Association is a unique national tri-service charity which provides entertainment, leisure and recreation for the serving wounded, injured or sick and for ex-service men and women with disabilities. We do this through a wide and varied programme of activities including outings, concerts, holidays, events and the provision of televisions and TV licences. Each year we help and support approximately 10,000 individuals of all ages, whenever and wherever they served.
SSAFA - Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association Forces Help N.Ireland

We help veterans and service personnel, and their families throughout Northern Ireland. We rely on public donations to continue our work. Our commitment is to provide support with experienced, non-judgemental and friendly advice, as well as a variety of practical services which cover a range of social, family and financial issues.
BLESMA The Limbless Veterans Association

Formerly known as The British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association, we have existed in one guise or another since the First World War and have continued to support veterans since then. Blesma is a Military Charity which exists to empower and promote the welfare and wellbeing of all serving and ex-service men and women who may have rehabilitative needs post limb loss. We are also committed to supporting surviving partners and dependants of deceased military personnel.
Combat Stress NI

We are the leading Veterans' mental health charity in the UK providing treatment for ex-Service personnel suffering with mental ill-health including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. It doesn't matter how young or old you are, where you Served, or whether you saw combat - we may be able to help. If you are the loved one or carer of an ex-Service man or woman, there's support for you too.
Victims and Survivors Service N.Ireland

We deliver funding and support to victims and survivors of the Conflict/Troubles, on behalf of the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister (OFMDFM). We are here to assist all victims and survivors identified in the Victims and Survivors (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.This means that we can provide support to those who have been affected by the Conflict/Troubles in Northern Ireland.
AMH Action Mental Health

Action Mental Health changes the lives of those living with mental ill health and promotes resilience and well-being to future generations. From humble beginnings in Downpatrick as ITO (the Industrial Training Organisation), AMH has grown to deliver services and projects across the country for all members of our communities. Our health promotion work takes place in schools, cross-border counties and with local employers.
PTSD Resolution

PTSD Resolution helps Veterans, TA and Reservists who are struggling to reintegrate into a normal work & family life because of military trauma suffered during service in the armed forces. Trauma causes flashbacks, nightmares, anger and depression - often leading to violence, alcohol and substance abuse, job loss, family breakdown and even suicide.
Maritime Rights

Our mission at maritimehelp.com is to provide the public with accurate and up to date information on the many aspects of maritime rights and maritime law. Our team at maritimehelp.com strives to provide a comprehensive free resource for the public to learn more about the rights that all workers in the maritime industry are entitled to as well as the legal options they can take to protect their wellbeing. There are so many areas of work and circumstances that can occur that make knowing everything in this field a difficult task. That is where we come in to help provide a one stop resource on any topic that can affect a maritime worker.
Access Counselling NI

At some point in our lives most of us will experience a crisis or a situation which we do not want to share with those who are close to us, or in which we have become so overwhelmed that we need the particular skills of a trained and experienced counsellor. Counselling is one way to address those issues which when left unresolved, can undermine our health and well being. Counselling enables people to examine social and emotional problems in a safe and confidential environment, to explore and to understand the adverse effect on their lives and the lives of those around them, and to improve their capacity to cope both in the present and the future.
Ascert Alcohol Services Family Support

ASCERT is a charity providing services that address the impact of alcohol and drugs related issues that affect people's lives. We are committed to ensuring individuals, families and communities are supported in the most effective way to deal with the challenges they face.
Defence Discount Services - Privelege Card

The Defence Discount Service is a valuable and tangible part of the nation's recognition and appreciation of the Armed Forces Community. It is seen as an important element in developing the Armed Forces Covenant across the UK. The Defence Discount Service gives members of the Armed Forces Community discounts both online and on the high street. The Membership Card is a physical card that members of the Armed Forces Community can take into stores, restaurants and venues in order to obtain a discount.
Forces Mutual Insurance

We are immensely proud to be doing all we can to help serving and retired members of the Armed Forces with their insurance, money and travel needs, and as an organisation that supports the UK Armed Forces on a daily basis, we were delighted that Forces Financial was given a prestigious Silver Award in recognition of its support of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme by Colonel Stuart Williams, Deputy Commander 7th Infantry Brigade & HQ East in recognition of support to Defence Personnel. This award follows Forces Financial being the first dedicated Forces financial services provider to sign the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant in 2014, marking the organisation’s on-going commitment to helping the Armed Forces community.
The Equality Commission Northern Ireland

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland is a non departmental public body established by the Northern Ireland Act 1998. Our powers and duties derive from a number of statutes which have been enacted over the last decades, providing protection against discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, race, religion and political opinion, sex and sexual orientation. We also have responsibilities arising from the Northern Ireland Act 1998 in respect of the statutory equality and good relations duties which apply to public authorities.
Volunteer Now

Volunteer Now is the lead organisation which works to promote, develop and support volunteering across Northern Ireland. Our work enhances recognition for the contribution volunteers make, provides access to opportunities, encourages people to volunteer and provides information and support to volunteer involving organisations on volunteer management and safeguarding vulnerable groups.
Soldiers Off The Street

Soldiers off the street web site. We are a Registered Charity since 26 August 2010 with a dedicated group of people determined to help the forgotten ex service personnel (Army, RAF and RN) whose lives have been affected by homelessness. We all think they deserve better after going through the traumatic experience of war in far off lands and at home, what they have been through for the country they love, to be forgotten and homeless is a national disgrace. That we intend to put right for as many as we can!
The charity's objects are the relief of charitable need of homeless ex-service personnel, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of clothing, food and rehabilitation, including advice on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, alcoholism, drug abuse, housing and employment.

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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Housing Rights publishes housingadviceNI, a resource that aims to provide reliable independent housing advice and information to the public in Northern Ireland. The website is funded by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. HousingadviceNI aims to increase the availability of information on housing in Northern Ireland, to help people find the answers to their own housing concerns and to prevent homelessness. The website contains information on homelessness, housing options, renting privately and the particular housing issues that people from specific groups face.  We have dedicated sections for young people, people leaving or entering prison and foreign nationals living in Northern Ireland.

The Ulster Defence Regiment Benevolent Fund exists to provide assistance to those former members of The Ulster Defence Regiment and the extended Ulster Defence Regiment Family who need support as a consequence of sickness, disability, accident, infirmity, poverty or other adversity.This extended family embraces all ranks, male and female, who served in The Ulster Defence Regiment and their dependants.
Northern Ireland Police Fund

Its role extends widely to cover all aspects of the care of Police officers in Northern Ireland, and their families, who have been directly affected by terrorist violence. The Fund is also be expected to work with other bodies operating in this field, such as the RUC Benevolent Fund, Police Federation, Memorial Fund etc, and as far as possible avoid duplication of effort.
ABF Army Benevolent Fund

We give a lifetime of support to soldiers and former soldiers from the British Army, and their immediate families, when they are in need. We make grants to individuals through their Regiments and Corps and support a wide range of specialist charities that sustain the British Army ‘family’, both at home and around the world.
Assistance for Army Veterans.
The website above contains information on how to get help with the transition back to Civilian life and includes help
on housing, financial help, employment support and much more. Have a look and use their contact page for advice. Hope this helps.
When leaving the Armed Forces you have a serious career decision to make. One-on-one coaching with a Hire a Hero Career Coach can help you to make the right decision and fulfil your career goal.
Are you feeling stuck in your transition from a military to civilian career? Do you now need to make a critical decision to resolve it?
The concept of Hire a Hero has been around for some time, however it lacked clear direction and support in order to take the original idea forward and turn it into the charity it is today.
Trauma and PTSD are historically linked with soldiers coming home from battle. The idea of PTSD is nothing new, but its status as a clinically diagnosed disorder is a relatively new concept.
In 1980, the APA added PTSD to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Previously, PTSD was simply referred to as “shell shock” or “battle fatigue.” However, anyone can suffer the effects of PTSD.
The term is now used to refer to anyone who has experienced a severe disruption to his or her everyday life. According to PTSD United, one out of nine women suffer from PTSD - twice as many as men, who have more commonly seen battle.
We put veterans and their families in touch with the organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need - from healthcare and housing to employability, finances, personal relationships and more.                                
Veterans’ Gateway provides a single point of contact for veterans seeking advice and support.                                                                                           
Funded by The Armed Forces Covenant, this is the first time a group of this kind has come together formally to deliver a service to help the Armed Forces community.


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