...formerly the Ards & North Down N.I. Phoenix Group. Although the Offices have now moved to
26 Balloo Avenue, BANGOR, there are no boundaries and members come from as far away as Belfast, Larne, Antrim, Newtownabbey and Portaferry. Activities are co-ordinated from the Bangor Office where a Drop-In Centre is open Mon-Fri for social interaction and tea/coffee and for use by members under the guidance of the full time Senior Staff Officer :-

•  Decorum NI is an organisation which aims to empower those who served during the Troubles in Northern Ireland during the period of Op BANNER from 1969 - 2007 and their families by giving them a voice. It strives to provide advocacy and ensure that a constituency of need which is otherwise silent can be heard. We make no apology for repeating ourselves throughout this website, we believe it is sometimes necessary to put an important message across.
•  Decorum NI will work independently and collaboratively to meet the complex physical, mental or social needs of its members contributing to their overall well-being.

•  Decorum NI strives to ensure that the true and accurate story of those who served is told in a way that engenders a better understanding in society in general.
•  Decorum NI seeks to ensure that the legacy of the service given is generous in recognising the sacrifice and is promoted to give a fuller understanding to current and future generations. In fulfilling its purpose Decorum NI will operate in an all encompassing equality framework.

•  Decorum NI is to promote, advocate and address the needs of former security service personnel and their families who have suffered as a result of the violence perpetrated over the period of Operation BANNER between 14th August 1968 and 31st July 2007.          
•  Decorum NI welcomes applications from all Service personnel at home and abroad - subject to compliance with the conditions of our Registration procedure (a unique way of keeping in touch with former service comrades)
•  Decorum NI was developed in 2015 to carry on from the Ards & North Down Phoenix Group which ceased on 30th September 2014. The new Decorum NI has now been granted Charity status and consequently has become independent and will continue the work it had been doing to assist members from all branches of the Security Forces (and their dependents} who served in Northern Ireland during the period of Operation Banner 1969 - 2007.
"Security Forces" encompasses, primarily:
•    All members of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy and RAF)
•    Police
•    Prison Officers
•    All immediate families of the above.

•  If you would like to join Decorum NI you can download a registration form CLICK HERE  after
completion, please sign and return to the following address.
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